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Bob's Safe Drive, Runcorn

Pupil Testimonials
There is nothing more satisfying for me than when a pupil passes their test. After all their hard work and dedication it’s good to see the end result and know that their whole life can literally change for the better with the independence that driving brings.
But something else very satisfying and also humbling are the kind words that pupils and their families say when they pass – it really does make it all worthwhile!

Client Reviews / Testimonials

Comments from some of my previous clients …

Bobs Safe Drive
April 2015

“Hi – today I finally passed my test and it's all thanks to Bob.

He was very flexible for me, always let me know what arrangements could made for lessons and each every lesson I had with Bob was brilliant. Straight to the point and gave me everything I needed to know and helped with errors I kept making or was unsure about, even being very patient with me when I couldn't get things correct and generally just keeping me motivated and comfortable.

Thank you so much Bob!”

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