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Bob's Safe Drive, Runcorn

Pupil Testimonials
There is nothing more satisfying for me than when a pupil passes their test. After all their hard work and dedication it’s good to see the end result and know that their whole life can literally change for the better with the independence that driving brings.
But something else very satisfying and also humbling are the kind words that pupils and their families say when they pass – it really does make it all worthwhile!

Client Reviews / Testimonials

Comments from some of my previous clients …

Bobs Safe Drive
March 2018

“I'm currently doing my lessons with Bob after stop starting with 2 previous instructors in the past and I have to say that just 5 hours in, I know that Bob will be my final instructor as he's helping me to actually enjoy driving and I feel more confident with each lesson and for the first time ever, I feel confident of passing my practical test when the time arrives.

I had never really enjoyed driving in the past and always felt it was a bit of a chore with the two previous instructors despite them being good at what they do. Bob's got a great sense of humour whilst at the same time providing a very professional and memorable way of teaching.

Thanks Bob.”

Bobs Safe Drive
March 2018

“I would like to say a big thank you to Bob. He really gave me the confidence to pass my test first time! Would highly recommend.”

Bobs Safe Drive
March 2018

“Bob is a great instructor. After failing my test I don't think I would have been able to carry on if I didn't find my lessons so enjoyable. He has always made me feel comfortable and confident whilst driving. He is very patient and calm. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to other people.”

Bobs Safe Drive
February 2017

“Bob was very helpful and friendly, couldn't fault the experience of learning to drive. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to do lessons. Great.”

Bobs Safe Drive
July 2017

“Couldn't have passed without Bob. Every lesson was an enjoyable experience and he put me completely at ease and helped settle my nerves before my test. Would recommend Bob to anybody looking to learn to drive.”

Bobs Safe Drive
September 2017

“Brilliant driving instructor more like a friend than an instructor highly recommended”

Bobs Safe Drive
September 2017

“Very good instructor, down to earth, easy to get along with”

Bobs Safe Drive
September 2016

“To Whom it may concern,

I am Shaun Dawson, I have been doing lessons with Bobs Safe Drive and I passed my test today the 09/09/2016.

Firstly, Bob is a very patient and calm driving instructor; he understand you will make mistakes and he will help you correct every one right away.

Even more so, Bob can pick up on how people learn and will do his best to adapt to every students learning habits. I can answer this as 2 friends have passed with Bob as well and we all learn differently.

Bob doesn't only teach you how to pass a test he prepares you for after passing your test, as once you become confident enough he will talk to you and teach you to converse without losing any concentration on the road.

Overall, I would recommend Bob to anyone wanting to pass their test as fast as possible as Bob will always do his best to fit you in. He will always make sure he doesn't overload him self with students so he can give you the time you need.”

Bobs Safe Drive
January 2016

“Learning to drive with Bob was an absolute pleasure. He has the patience of a saint and never lost his cool if I made a mistake. He is also very positive and funny which really helps make the time fly by during lessons and the learner car is very easy to drive. His flexibility with lessons is also a great help when something comes up out of the blue.

Overall very pleased to pass with Bobs Safe Drive and I will recommend them to everybody!”

Bobs Safe Drive
November 2015

“Bob is an excellent instructor who is a great confidence booster, friendly and patient because I failed my practical test twice and yet he never wavered in my ability to drive! It's because of Bob that I passed Third time round. I would gladly recommend him to anyone.”

Bobs Safe Drive
November 2015

“Bob was a fantastic instructor, as a first time learner he was very patient with me and had a friendly personality. He created a friendly and relaxed atmosphere which suited my style of learning and more importantly, helped me pass my driving test first time.”

Bobs Safe Drive
September 2015

“Bob is a very friendly, easy going guy that made me feel relaxed from the first lesson. He gave me great advice and the confidence I needed to pass my test. Would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a driving instructor.”

Bobs Safe Drive
August 2015

“Massive thanks to Bob who got my confidence up enough to drive a car.
I've just passed my practical test this morning. I'm grateful for all of Bobs help.
If you're nervous or scared I'd recommend Bob in the blink of a eye Xx.”

Bobs Safe Drive
July 2015

“Would like to say a huge thank you to Bob for helping me pass my driving test. From my very first lesson right through to my test, he always put me at ease behind the wheel and was patient with me when I didn't get things right.

He is very thorough in making sure you're fully prepared for your test and has excellent knowledge of all the things you're going to need to accomplish a pass. Plus he's great fun to drive with, had a lot of laughs whilst out.

Would fully recommend Bob to anyone who wants to learn to drive, however experienced they are.”

Bobs Safe Drive
April 2015

“Hi – today I finally passed my test and it's all thanks to Bob.

He was very flexible for me, always let me know what arrangements could made for lessons and each every lesson I had with Bob was brilliant. Straight to the point and gave me everything I needed to know and helped with errors I kept making or was unsure about, even being very patient with me when I couldn't get things correct and generally just keeping me motivated and comfortable.

Thank you so much Bob!”

Bobs Safe Drive
December 2014

“Bob is a very friendly easy to understand and devoted instructor. Each lesson was a new learning experience in the steps toward passing, Bob clearly explained each and every part of driving on the road, showing his experience and detailed knowledge.

I would highly recommend Bob for those new to driving, ten out of ten from me.”

Bobs Safe Drive
October 2014

“Bob is a brilliant driving instructor. He is very friendly.
He made me feel very comfortable and safe while driving.

Even throughout my test I felt confident – as Bob convinced me I could do it.”

Bobs Safe Drive
September 2014

“Hi I would like to say a few words about Bob and his teaching - he helps put you at ease and talks through each situation in a perfect way.

I would highly recommend him to any learner driver.”

Bobs Safe Drive
May 2014

“Had my first ever lesson with Bob and he is the best driving instructor one could wish for! He is really funny, very easy going and a pleasure to be with. I'm over the moon with him!
Highly recommend him!”

Bobs Safe Drive
March 2014

“I used bobs safe drive, and he got me through my driving test. He is a very knowledgeable and extremely patient driving instructor - he interacts with everybody. If only all driving schools could be like Bob's; he was flexible and worked around my busy schedule of work.

All I can say is thanks for everything Bob.

Bobs Safe Drive
June 2013

“Bob’s in-depth knowledge regarding the practical test and his dedication to teach his driving students really impressed us. He is up-to-date on all routes that Widnes testing center follows. In additional, he is friendly, patient and tries really hard to have his students pass practical test in first attempt. We would like to say ‘THANK YOU VERY MUCH!’ to Bob for helping us pass our practical tests.”

Bobs Safe Drive
February 2013

“Bob is very knowledgeable and friendly. He made me feel relaxed and confident from the start. He gave great advice and with his help I passed my practical test first time. I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor.”

Bobs Safe Drive
December 2012

“I would like to say a massive Thank You to Bob for all his hard work with helping me pass my driving test. Every lesson was enjoyable. He was very flexible with hours to suite my daily lifestyle and lessons were great value for money.”

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