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Bob's Safe Drive, Runcorn

Pupil Testimonials
There is nothing more satisfying for me than when a pupil passes their test. After all their hard work and dedication it’s good to see the end result and know that their whole life can literally change for the better with the independence that driving brings.
But something else very satisfying and also humbling are the kind words that pupils and their families say when they pass – it really does make it all worthwhile!

Client Reviews / Testimonials

Comments from some of my previous clients …

Bobs Safe Drive
September 2016

“To Whom it may concern,

I am Shaun Dawson, I have been doing lessons with Bobs Safe Drive and I passed my test today the 09/09/2016.

Firstly, Bob is a very patient and calm driving instructor; he understand you will make mistakes and he will help you correct every one right away.

Even more so, Bob can pick up on how people learn and will do his best to adapt to every students learning habits. I can answer this as 2 friends have passed with Bob as well and we all learn differently.

Bob doesn't only teach you how to pass a test he prepares you for after passing your test, as once you become confident enough he will talk to you and teach you to converse without losing any concentration on the road.

Overall, I would recommend Bob to anyone wanting to pass their test as fast as possible as Bob will always do his best to fit you in. He will always make sure he doesn't overload him self with students so he can give you the time you need.”

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